From humble beginnings to a global brand, Drone™ was started in Manchester, UK by Drew and Duncan, two designers, and extreme sports enthusiasts.

   Duncan and Drew, SMP Skatepark 2017

Drone now offers an extensive range of high quality stunt scooter and everything we produce is Stronger, Lighter and More Refined™. We have expanded rapidly by focusing on the smaller things like developing and pioneering interesting designs and lightweight materials, specifically designed to take abuse and improve your riding. Sometimes the difference in quality of each part is only minimal but in the end it all stacks up to make an overall superior product. We are proud of everything we produce and want YOU to excel at scooter riding with the aide of our products. Our team is our family and by purchasing a Drone™ product you support them, and become a part of the family also! Help us embrace what we stand for; culture, unity and a love for quality products. Any questions you may have about parts, the brand or anything scooter related, we encourage you to message us. Drew and Duncan (the owners) are always available to chat.

Watch the video below to have a look what we got up to on our last factory visit in Shanghai